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Hello, I'm Çağrı (pronounced "Cha-ra"), a multidisciplinary designer based in London with more than ten years of experience on all things product design, design systems and high fidelity prototyping. Currently working at AKQA London as an Associate Creative Director, focusing on product design.

I see the design process as a work of art and every day we work on different canvases. Throughout my entire career, I have always been passionate about working around the details to carefully craft the end product. By meticulously building libraries, components and interactions to end up with seamless flows is what I always aim for.

Being this detail oriented is always helpful especially working building design systems. I’ve created numerous design systems for fintech and ecommerce projects for the past four years that have been used and taken as examples by many designers.

I value working closely with developers to align and execute design ideas into working products while understanding their challenges and coming up with solutions together. Being aware of this always adds a more realistic perspective to my designs.

To explain a complex interaction or an idea to our clients or development partners, I create prototypes. I prepare high fidelity, motion driven prototypes in a short time to communicate our ideas as clearly as possible. This proved to be extremely helpful in many different cases in a fast paced working environment.



2015 – 2018

-99 Design Studio

Lead Designer


2017 – 2019


Ambassador of Turkey


2018 – 2022


Senior Visual Designer


2021 – 2022




2022 – Ongoing


Associate Creative Director

In 2019, I helped R/GA London switch from Sketch to Figma by holding workshops, allowing us to collaborate much more efficiently while working together in each sprint. This became especially important when we started working from home in 2020 with the pandemic.

I keep in touch with designers both from our London and US offices to talk about our design system process in the additional internal workshops throughout the year.

I have been privileged to share my knowledge and experience with fellow designers from different parts of the world on design systems and prototyping across workshops in the last couple of years. I continue to assist designers in one on one sessions via video calls and on the Design Lab platform through mentoring.

As the Sketch Ambassador of Turkey, I had the chance to be the main speaker in multiple events in Istanbul, talking to more than 100 designers.


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