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Kuwait's first digital bank

Designing Kuwait’s very first fully-digital bank, targeted for the next generation: teenagers, university students and first jobbers.

Experience Design

Visual Design

Design Systems
Motion Design


Following end of production sprints, we kept assisting NBK’s internal team with further refinements and additional features while training the team to start the design transition phase from R/GA to NBK.

We created a workflow that is tailored to their needs and daily routines and had workshops to align on each point moving forward.

We created a brand new, fully digital banking experience with Kuwait’s number one bank, NBK. The main goal is to innovatively serve the financial and lifestyle needs of the youth, breaking away from the traditional banking.

Started with creating an entire new brand in 2020, we quickly moved forward with defining the basics of the app. After the uncertainty of the pandemic cleared up, we picked up where we left off.

Collaborating with NBK’s internal team, we designed and handed over each feature in three week sprints, while being constantly in touch with NBK’s development partners in Poland.


In December 2021, the first version of the app is released with an official event, along with advertisements across the country. The first released is planed to be invite only but moving forward, the app will be released to all users with more features in each release.


🚧 This project is work in progress. Full case study will be available later.  🚧

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